Tutor Visit

The following provides a general guide as to the format of the Tutor Visit:

The student and the placement tutor meet for up to 30 minutes to discuss the placement, the student’s return to University, and anything you may wish to discuss in private.

The placement tutor then meets with the student’s Line Manager/Workplace Supervisor to also provide the opportunity to discuss anything in private. The tutor will usually go through the Feedback Form, and then take the hard copy back to University. Most employers prefer to complete the Feedback Form before the placement tutor visits.

The presentation will then take place, with the student presenting their “Year to Date” (with reflection on how your study/any relevant theories has/have contributed to your understanding of the workplace, your experience on PPY and how you believe this experience will help you with your final year and beyond). The student can use their portfolio/journal to help with the preparation for the presentation, and should be aiming for a time of 10-20 minutes (maximum). There will also be time for questions after the presentation from the student’s tutor and line manager.

The tutor will ask for the student’s completed End of Placement Feedback Form to take away with them. This might seem early if the student is working until the end of Summer, but it will be used for the Award Board decision that approves(or denies) the student to pass the Professional Practice Year. The student’s line manager will also be asked for their recommendation which will be passed to the Award Board, along with the Feedback Form.

If the Student has any questions about the visit (or the placement in general), please contact the Placement Tutor.

If the Tutor, or Workplace Supervisor, has any questions about the visit (or the placement in general), please contact the Professional Practice Year Manager.