Welcome to Lincoln International Business School’s Employability Homepage!

This page is used to communicate opportunities for business professionals and employers,

and is run by the Employability team within the Business School at the University of Lincoln.

Providing extra-curricular activities and opportunities to help enable our students become work-ready is of the highest importance to us.

We encourage all students within the Business School to engage with the opportunities given to them, and to constantly work on their employability skills. Having a degree is vastly becoming just a prerequisite to applying for a job, and so it is essential that we keep students (and alumni) up-to-date with key skills and experiences that will enable them to stand out in a saturated labour market.

We also encourage employers and businesses to engage with our students through various activities, like the mentoring programme, and are happy to hear any about any opportunities you may have that will suit our students. Please see the Employer Homepage for more information.