There may be times when there is a problem of some sort with the placement – perhaps the placement student is finding things difficult, perhaps the Workplace Supervisor/others within the organisation feel that the placement student is not meeting expectations, perhaps it is something else.

Whatever the problem, it is in everyone’s interests to communicate in order for it to be resolved at the earliest opportunity. It should not be the case that students are in a position whereby they may fail the Professional Practice Year because of a problem that wasn’t resolved early on in the placement.


Should students have a problem of any sort whilst on placement, the first point of contact is your Workplace Placement Supervisor.

However, it might be the case that this person is the cause of the problem and if so, you are unsure of what to do. In such circumstances, please contact your Placement Tutor. If s/he is not available, please contact the Professional Practice Year Manager at the earliest opportunity to discuss the situation.  If none of the above are available, please contact the Lincoln International Business School Office.

Workplace Placement Supervisor/Organisation

If the Workplace Placement Supervisor has a problem with the student that s/he has not been able to resolve, then it would be advisable to discuss the situation with the Professional Practice Year Manager and/or the student’s Placement Tutor.

Placement Tutor

If the Placement Tutor has a problem or requires assistance or clarification regarding the placement/placement student, please consult with the Professional Practice Year Manager.