The Professional Practice Year Agreement

This document, which is based on existing regulations and guidelines, relates specifically to the Professional Practice Year and describes the normal arrangements for students undertaking a work placement as part of their study at the University of Lincoln. The objective of the Professional Practice Year is to extend the experience of the student and to provide an opportunity for the application of learning.


  • Appoint a Placement Tutor who will maintain regular contact with the placement student and normally visit the placement organisation at least once within the placement period, meeting with the placement student and the Workplace Placement Supervisor
  • The Placement Tutor will monitor the performance of the student in general and where appropriate, counsel the student confidentially
  • The Placement Tutor will conduct assessment as specified in the Module Descriptor
  • The Placement Tutor will guide the placement organisation in the assessment criteria used by the University


  • To plan the training and work programme to be undertaken by the student – if appropriate, this may be in consultation with the relevant Placement Tutor
  • Offer a contract of employment (where the placement is paid) or an honorary contract (where the placement is unpaid), specifying the duration of the placement and the terms of employment, a copy of which should be supplied to the University
  • Nominate a Workplace Placement Supervisor who will conduct, or make arrangements for day-to-day supervision of the placement student
  • Provide the placement student with an induction programme to the organisation, its working practices, conventions etc
  • Ensure the placement student has a safe working environment, which conforms with appropriate Health & Safety legislation
  • Carry out a risk assessment relevant to the activities and complete and return the enclosed form relating to Health & Safety
  • Provide the same level of liability and insurance cover provided for comparable employees
  • Allow access to the student for visit(s) by the Placement Tutor and for the student to return to the University for one day during the placement
  • Allow the assessment of the student during the visit by the Placement Tutor
  • In cases of serious breaches of discipline, to advise and consult with the Placement Tutor and/or the Professional Practice Year Manager


  • Abide by all rules regarding hours of work, health and safety regulations and other practices and procedures
  • Carry out the work programme specified by the placement organisation
  • Maintain smart appearance, timekeeping, integrity, and confidentiality appropriate to the role
  • Complete and return all placement forms to the Professional Practice Year Manager within two weeks of starting the placement
  • Fully meet all specified criteria relating to the assessment of the Professional Practice Year
  • Consult with the Professional Practice Year Manager prior to seeking any changes in the terms and duration of the placement
  • Where requested, provide access to all records of work done during the placement for the Placement Tutor to see unless there is an issue of commercial secrecy, national security or professional confidentiality
  • Be aware that the good reputation of the departments and the University rests on your performance and behaviour throughout the course of the placement


  • Arrive on time and work effectively and efficiently during the working hours
  • Be flexible in approach and willing to learn new things
  • Be polite and respectful to all staff and all customers at all times – even if you dislike the person(s)
  • Dress professionally and appropriately, be clean and tidy in appearance at all times
  • Maintain confidentiality and display an ethical code of conduct – do not divulge any information/details you may be party to whilst on placement
  • Ring at the earliest opportunity if you are going to be late, giving a valid reason for being late
  • Ring at the earliest opportunity if you are too ill to attend work, giving an indication of the type of illness and expected length of absence
  • Ask if you are unsure how to do a task and seek clarification if you are unsure of anything at all
  • Use the internet responsibly and computers for work only – do not abuse the computer systems, such as using Facebook or personal emails
  • Be professional and productive at all times and not to assume anything is acceptable practice just because others are doing it, eg texting on your mobile
  • Make yourself useful and not to be disgruntled if you have seemingly menial tasks to perform – it is something we all have to do at times


  • To be in a safe environment
  • Not to be subject to harassment by anyone for any reason
  • To use the placement to develop your skills, knowledge, abilities and contacts
  • To have a well organised placement allowing you to engage in appropriate personal development
  • To know who you should report to if you have any concerns
  • Know who to report to should you have any concerns about your supervisor
  • Not to be intimidated
  • To know the complaints procedure
  • To confidentiality

Please remember that as a student on placement you are still an ambassador for the University of Lincoln, and you are expected to behave in a professional and appropriate manner at all times.

The above forms part of your Professional Practice Year Agreement (formally Appendix 1). Please be aware that you will be asked to confirm that you have read and accepted this document, along with the associated policies, when completing the ‘Professional Practice Year Details’ form.